My name is Jordan Stapleton and I am 21 years old, currently studying Games Development in University. As a passionate gamer from a very young age, I have always wanted to understand how a game works and what parts there are that make up a video game. So I pursued the course down the line of video games, selecting my options in Art and Graphics at school, leading me into game design in College and now University. Throughout the 21 years of my life and 16 years of learning, I have picked up knowledge of multiple software programs and equipment that will not only further my hopes into the Games Industry but can also be used in other Media, such as Animation, Art and Web Design so I have a wide range of availability in regards to work.


I know how to use the following :


- Maya

- 3DS Max

- Unity 3D

- GameMaker

- Python

- Photoshop

- Flash


Feel free to look around and see some of the work I have created through the variety of programs I used.